Inktober – Day #1

I did some research on inktober since my last post and many people a drawing under a specific theme. I thought about that, too, and decided to go for Zentangle and Zentangle-inspired art for this year. Seems obvious, huh? 😉

Here is my drawing for the first of inktober. I had a lot of things on my list today and didn’t have a lot of time for drawing, unfortunately. That’s why it became a last minute drawing on a bijou tile (2×2 inch) which was supposed to turn out to be something abstract but turned out to be a portrait of somekind. I’m not really happy with her eyes and a lot of other things (or with the scan, the shading looks much softer in the original) BUT: I’ve taken the first step and getting a better result tomorrow (or.. maybe I should say “later”?) will make up for it. I hope. Got a little rusty, I think. But there are 30 days remaining to work on that!

inktober #1

Tangles used: Cadent, Dragonair, Printemps

What did you draw for Inktober First?

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