The next Step: One Zentangle a Day – Day #2

Day 2 was about tonal values tangles have, that is their respective shades of black, white and grey (not THAT shades of grey 😉 ). The three tangles introduced today are a good example for tonal values: Knightsbridge has a strong contrast between purely black and purely white. Nekton has a more greyish tone depending on the space between the lines while, Fescu is a very light, airy tangle with a very bright tonal value.

Today’s task was to use all the tangles introduced so far to tangle a tile. Here is mine:

One Zentangle a Day #2
Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Fescu, Knightsbridge, Nekton, Static, Tipple

I always found Nekton hard to draw and although I like the look of it, I avoided it because of this. The illustration in the book wasn’t actually very helpful for me so I set out to google the pattern and found a very helpful >>video<< on YouTube by Ellen Wolters. In it she uses a different approach than Beckah Krahula which I find easier to follow. Maybe it will help you, too! I’m positive that in the future I’ll use Nekton more than before.

I’m totally happy with this tile and hope that the next ones will turn out as well! Although I guess I won’t be able to use all tangles in one tile anymore very soon because they are slowly getting too many.

When I started this project, I wanted to find a better understanding of merging or connecting tangles to get a smoother overall look. Here I used quite a few transitions and combinations I’ quite happy with: Crescent Moon and Fescu look quite nice together, the combination of Crescent Moon and Knightsbridge gives Knightsbridge a new look, I think, and Static gives a big Tipple-Bubble just the look of a marble, don’t you think?

I’m already looking forward to the third day, the theme is creating depth (have to admit that I already had a look and tried it this time, too O:-) ).

* This is no cooperation with anybody, I haven’t been paid or asked to do this and the book I use was bought by me.

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