Inktober – Day #3

Yesterday I talked about how these portraits just appeared before my eye when I had drawn a string or a short time after I had started tangling my drawing for Inktober. Today I thought a bit more about this and decided to consciously stick to the theme: bijou-sized Zentangle-inspired art portraits. I’m already looking forward to putting together a picture of all the portraits at the end of the month! But there’s one thing I wanted to change: I wanted to draw men’s portraits, too, since drawing men is always a bit awkward for me. An this month is about learning, isn’t it? That’s why I decided to go for a guy to today. It actually isn’t that hard and I already have lots of ideas for doing beards.. this will be fun! But before I warmed up with a well-shaved fellow:

Inktober #3

Tangles used: Cruffle, Fescu, Nekton, Tipple

Hm.. might be a(n older) woman, too, don’t you think? I guess there’s some room for improvement here – but I still like Cruffle as a curly hair. I especially like Fescu here, it was just the perfect tangle for the background.

Tomorrow I’ll let you take over again, subconsciousness, and let you decide what it’s going to be. Although a child would be nice, too….

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