Inktober – Day #5

Fifth day of Inktober and the first day I was really struggling. Other things kept me very busy so if you want to be very strict, I’d have to skip day number 5 and make this my drawing for day 6 because most of this bijou wasn’t drawn on Inktober fifth. However, since I finished it before going to bed, I’ll still count it for the fifth. ^^ Here it is:


Tangles used: Bubbles (tangleation), Knightsbridge, Zinger

It’s so cool how many possibilities you have to use the tangles for hair and clothes and background. I love playing with it! I played the 5 drawings next to each other yesterday and it is striking that they are all so different… I don’t even think they look like they were drawn by the same person! This is a bit awkward actually, it would be nice to have a recognisable “style”. Maybe Inktober will help me to make a few steps in the right direction.. that wouldbe great!

Today I’ll probably have as little time as yesterday, but I still hope to squeeze today’s bijou in earlier.

Hope to see you later!

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