Inktober – Day #7

Wow, that was fast: The first week of Inktober is already over! How was it for you? Did you manage to squeeze in a drawing every day? I’m very proud to say: YES! Although I didn’t get to upload it on the same day and even though it was a bit of a hassle sometimes, I’m very happy with the decision to participate in Inktober and with my results so far. The Zentangle bijou tiles from day 4 and 6 are my personal favourites so far, but I really like day 7, too. What do you think? Here is grumpy granpa:


Tangles used: CO2, Flux, Join, Pixioze, Tipple

Actually, I wanted the rainbow to get lighter going “up”. I’m not sure I really got the result I wanted but it still looks nice to me.

Just like yesterday, this is another tile without pencil shading. I only added a little (sloppy, I’m afraid) hatching and cross-hatching here and there. I like the effect and I guess it is more truthful to the original idea of Inktober.

I hope your Inktober challenge has been a success and a lot of fun, too! And if not: Tomorrow is another day to jump in! Hope to see you here then, too.

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