Inktober – Day #17 and: Inktober 2015 is dead – long live Inktober!

Hello again!

In case you are one of the few people who stopped by to visit this blog before, you MAY have noticed that I didn’t post anything for Inktober for more than a week now. This is neither because I didn’t fell like drawing or was already bored with blogging – this is definitely NOT the case! Unfortunately, private life AND work ganged up on me and robbed me pretty much of all my free time. Maybe I could somehow squeeze Inktober in sometimes, but I got so many other things on my list that it would only yield (more) stress rather than work off stress. That’s why I decided to stop after the first half.. However, I still have one last Inktober drawing for you – one of my favourites actually: The Queen of Hearts:

Inktober 2015-17

Tangles used: Beadlines, Join

I really like the Queen – although she looks a little too friendly, don’t you think? 😉  Join I definitely have to practice more to make the hearts the same size next time.. But it is a great pattern!

On the bright side, I might have some space now to finally continue with my “One Zentangle a Day”-project. Or time to FINALLY participate in the Diva Challenge. Or to simply empty my jam-packed to-do list which is full of other things… a frightening amount of things with a deadline in the near future. Oh, and if you don’t believe about that ominious list: I’ll show you some of the things that kept me from tangling as soon as I’m allowed to. It’s got nothing to do with Zentangle, but it is about ATCs and other artsy stuff. Hope you’ll enjoy this short diggression, too, until I can finally have some time to tangle in peace and quiet again and have something to show to you. 🙂

However, I’ll still follow Inktober on Twitter and retweet drawings I like for your and my own pleasure. So if you’d like daily updates on Inktober and Zentangle in general: Follow me on Twitter. 🙂

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