Tangling on brown paper

Hello everybody,

I didn’t forget about you! It’s just that I’m busy with a fun project right now which (again..) keeps me from tangling. I’ll definitely post a few pictures of the project here – however, you have to be a little patient. I’m building an Advent calendar with art supplies right now for an Advent calender swap hosted on the German ATC website http://www.kakao-karten.de and of course I can’t post anything right now because I’d be giving away who the person I’ve been shopping secretly for is. But I’ll definitely post a picture or two here, it’s such fun to make such a calendar for somebody! 🙂

Although the calendar has taken up a lot of my free time (and will still need my attention after the end of next week when the calendar should be sent to the recipient), I still took the time to tangle a bit. Still no other challenges or the continuation of my “One Zentangle a Day”-project, but something I’d like to share with you, tangled ATCs (Artist Trading Cards for all those who don’t know them) on brown paper.

116_At the Heart of Things_überarb
At the Heart of Things
Tangles used: Arukas, River, Riverstones

Tangles used: Beadlines, Diva Dance, Flez, Pokeleaf, Tipple

It was such fun to tangle on brown paper! I used the “standard” black Sakura Microns for the tangles and for shading a Faber-Castell Polychromo in Burnt Umber. The highlights were drawn with a Polychromo in Warm Grey !. The two pictures’ tonal value looks a little different, but that’s only because the brown paper is unfortunately quite hard to scan… and I’m lousy at finetuning the pictures. But I guess that’s okay. I’m still afraid to say that the truth lies somewhere between both pictures.

I’ll definitely tangle more ATCs on brown paper!  (Maybe that will help with getting the finetuning right someday, too XD)

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