Finally some progress: One Zentangle a Day – Day #3

Oh my, it has been ages again since I posted something here… Especially if you are looking for anything on my “One Zentangle a Day”-project. But after a very busy Inktober and after I finished compiling and crafting an art supply Advent calendar for a fellow ATC artist on a German ATC website (I’ll show you some pictures of that after 1st December!), I FINALLY found the time again to continue this project!

Since it hast been such a long time I last posted something on this project, here’s a short reminder of the rules (let’s just forget about rule number 1 for now.. :-D):

  1. I definitely will NOT be able to tangle or post a tile every day, but I’ll try to squeeze in two tiles per week. If it is just one, that’s fine, too, as long as I make progress.
  2. I’ll only use the tangles introduced in the book up to that point for a tile. To be able to stick to this rule, I’ll keep a list (not on the blog) I can refer to without having to flick through the book all the time.
  3. No day shall be skipped (even though I already know that the “white on black”-challenge will be very hard for me..) and no excuses are allowed here.

I was stuck on day number 3 already.. New tangles for today were Pokeroot, Festune and Hollibaugh Here is the first tile I did:

One Zentangle a Day - Day #3 (fail)
Tangles used: Fescu, Festune, Hollibaugh, Pokeroot, Tipple

The problem was that my tile had way too little value. I spent almost as much time shading the tile as I spent tangling and the result is pretty… boring. There are no especially dark or bright areas which attract the eye, it is just one big mass of (nearly the same tonal) grey.. And the effekt of combining Hollibaugh and Pokeroot to create an interesting effect is completely non-existent. I tried to further darken areas with my pencil, but smudging it also lightened it up again, so I didn’t really get what I wanted. This tile was a huge diappointment to be honest, but it taught me a very valuable lesson about tonal values. That’s why I thought I’d still post it here so you can see and maybe learn from it, too. 🙂

The tile above ist actually from some time in October. Yesterday I sat down while I was waiting for my very own Advent calender to arrive (no luck there, unfortunately) and tangled a new tile to see if I could do better. I do like the second tile a lot better, although Pokeroot too small AGAIN. I just can’t help it and I guess we will never be friends.. Anyway, here it is:

One Zentangle a Day - Day #3
Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Festune, Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, Pokeroot, Tipple

I really like the tangle connections here, especially how Hollibaugh keeps the whole thing together! Crescent Moon now looks like a tunnel Hollibaugh is crawling through. Overall I think that the effect is even stronger on the screen than on the tile, which is nice for a change. ^^ It is only Pokeroot that I’d really love to eradicate from this piece.. But of course I can’t and I wouldn’t do it because that’s Zentangle and because it is another good lesson for me to learn.

See you soon for the next days and lessons to be learnt!

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