Finally!! Diva Challenge #245: Hollibaugh

Hurray, I finally made it! After following many challenges over the past few years, and especially the Diva Challenge, I finally got to play and even in time before the next challenge! I’m really happy right now. 😀

This week’s Diva Challenge was all about Hollibaugh. Hollibaugh is actually one of my favourite tangles because 1. it is very simple and yet has a beautiful, dimensional effect 2. it is a brilliant connector of several tangles some distance away 3. it can be varied in SO many ways (you can replace the white “bars” from Hollibaugh with any other borderish tangle, or even Tipple or any other tangle with an aura (or without) a myriad of other things. When Laura wrote that it is the perfect tangle for beginners, I thought then this challenge must be the perfect challenge to start playing! Here’s my tile for challenge #245:

Diva Challenge #245

Tangles used: Hollibaugh (obviously 😀 ), Meer, Printemps, Reticulated, Tipple and 2 unknown tangles (border on the right and bottom PLEASE help if you know the missing names and leave a comment!)

It seems I never can stay within my border, no matter how strong I draw it. As if the border was just a warning “Attention! The tile ends in 4mm (or less)!” ^^;  But I guess that this is part of my “style”? Well, decide for yourself. I’m very happy with this one, especially with the happy accidents I think nobody will notice anymore.

I’m not sure that I can play regularly from now on, but at least this is a first step!

2 thoughts on “Finally!! Diva Challenge #245: Hollibaugh

  1. This first step is so very beautiful!!!! I love the way Hollibaugh is ‘escaping’ out of the frame.
    Hope to see you here more often!

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