Happy New Year!

Hello everybody,

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and a great start in 2016! I wish all of you health, success and of course creativity and lots of fun and relaxation tangling away!

I’m sorry it was so quiet in the last few weeks. I’ve been very busy with preparations for Christmas, which didn’t really leave time for updates from me. Then I went home for the Holidays where I don’t have access to a scanner.. which was a BRILLIANT excuse to be very lazy and not tangle at all for 12 days although I had been looking forward to tangling excessively.. Oh well. I’ve been active on Twitter though, so if you’ve got an account there or just want to take a look, please come around! You can find all necessary information in the box in the menu on the right.

Do you have exciting plans or even resolutions for 2016? For me, 2016 will be a very busy, definitely stressful but also a wonderful year (as far as I can tell now). More on that as it comes.  Zentangle-wise this year will be very interesting! For instance, I discovered only a few days ago that my dear sister has caught the Zentangle virus, too! Her first tries are gorgeous and I’m positively excited to see her next works and how her style will develop!

Yesterday I discovered that not only a new book by Beckah Krahula (The author of “One Zentangle a Day”) will be released in a few week’s time (I knew about that before), but also a TON of other Zentangle books. Many of them are in German and they are no translation of English works. The hype definitely reached Germany now. A few of those books are veryy tempting and a few of them will be released around my birthday. An evil combination indeed!

I already bought a new Zentangle book this week (I might be writing about it if you are interested in reviews of German books, too?). Zendalas never really appealed to me until very recently and now I’m dying to finally tangle one. But that might take a few more days.. You can see nothing much has changed over the year: Many plans and little time… ^^; If I can only finish half of what I’d love to do, I’ll be extremely busy. It looks like a very busy Zentangle year! Now I’m almost glad that I wasn’t able to get one of those Tangle-a-Day-calendars by Carole Ohl (although still sad..).

But let’s see what life has in stock for each and every one of us. I do hope it’s only good things.

I’ll be back very soon with my tile for this week’s Diva Challenge!

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