The “Diva Challenge”-Challenge: Diva Challenge #1: Simplicity

The next Diva Challenge is still several days away… And I’m a bit of withdrawal symptoms. What could I do..? Ok, I COULD continue with my other project, One Zentangle a Day, but I came to like the Diva challenges so I thought about how great it would be to have a book someday containing all my contributions to ALL Diva challenges there are. Imagine that, wouldn’t that be great?? I’m sure some of you have the same plans, maybe some very few of you are even already there? I’m aware of that this is a very longterm project me being as slow as I am (it’s a miracle I had the last Diva Challenge up on a tuesday, having tangled TWO tiles).

I’m actually doubting myself I can do it, but.. I can always try! However, the question is where to start when you are almost 250 challenges behind? Well, I decided to start from the beginning. I definitely don’t want to do the challenges in numeric order, that’s pretty.. boring I think. And it puts more pressure on me: “First I have to tangle the contribution for challenge 1, although right now I’d LOVE to tangle something for challenge 10! Oh well…” This usually leads to me stopping whatever I wanted to do in the first place – maybe you know that from your own experience? Instead, I’ll choose whatever challenge appeals to me the most at that very moment. However, having lots of choices usually leads to using a lot of your time and energy to decide where to start in the first place. Because of that, I decided to limit my choice a little: I’ll do the first year first. Then second year. And so on. 52 challenges (or less with the Christmas break), step by step. At least, that’s the plan and it sounds a lot more doable.

I started with Diva Challenge #1: Simplicity – which is nothing I’m good at. But this is a challenge, right? I thought about simplicity in Zentangle and came to this conclusion: What could be even more simple than using only one of the basic strokes for an entire tile? And only one tangle, too? What comes next if you think it about in this way is easy: A monotangle using Paradox:

Tangles used: Paradox

I was pretty proud that I came up with this idea, but when I was falling asleep that night I thought “Still rather complicated, hunh?” That’s why I did a second, much simpler, tile:

Tangles used: Paradox (shadow towards the center)

Much better! However, I wondered, what would it look like if I shaded it differently..? I mean, simple doesn’t have to mean that it is a oneway street, don’t you think? That’s how these two tiles came into being:

Tangles used: Paradox (shading each “step” of the Paradox “staircase”)

Tangles used: Paradox (shading the edges of the swirl)

How many Diva Challenges have you already completed? And how did you collect/organise your contributions? I’d love to read about it!

2 thoughts on “The “Diva Challenge”-Challenge: Diva Challenge #1: Simplicity

  1. Good work and congratulations on figuring out how you are going to complete all the Diva Challenges. I enjoyed – and may reference in the future – the different shading techniquies. It makes such a difference! Since you asked, I have an album on my Flickr account where I put the Diva Challenges I have done. I just checked and there are fourteen pictures in there. but I am not sure I didn’t forget to add one or two. (I’ll have to check.) I haven’t done one for long time and I don’t intend to try and catch up and do them ALL, but I do want to get back to that at least occasionally. Watching you complete them will certainly motivate me.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Jennifer! Glad to hear you like the post as well as the shading variations. You’re absolutely right: shading can make such a difference! Feel free to reference to the pictures in future. 🙂
      Your idea with the Flickr album sounds very good! Since I’m already using Flickr (putting everything Zentangle in 1 album), I think I’ll use this method to store the tiles digitally. For physical storage I’ve come up with the idea of some kind of “yearbook” This way, it’s transportable and the tiles are well presented (at least I hope so). Your comment definitely motivated me to keep going, thank you!

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