Nihon no Zentanguru

Time flies by, the wedding is over and finally I’ve got some more time to devote to Zentangle – although I already started tangling again in the last weeks before the wedding for obvious tangling reasons: stress relief! I haven’t finished anything but just took my time to tangle some here and there and it worked like a charm. Although I must say that I’ve been so tired recently that pretty much anything made me zoom out…

Now I still have some wedding-related things to do, but I said I wanted to start posting again here in August and here I am! Actually I wanted to start with some artwork, but today I stumbled upon a post by Anya Lothrop CZT on her German blog and I just had to write about it here. The post was about her recent trip to Japan and the state of Zentangle in this intriguing country. Even if you don’t know any German, do visit! The pictures are very nice. 🙂 I myself am a big fan of Japan and have been there only last year on a nearly four week vacation. Well, vacation isn’t quite the correct term, since both my now-husband and I went there to study Go, an ancient board game both of us really enjoy (studying Go is fun most of the times but it can be tiresome and feel like work, too).

Of course, I also enjoyed shopping – not for clothes since that wouldn’t be any fun for me but for art supplies. And that’s where Zentangle comes in. When I went to the epic Tokyu Hands in Shinsaibashi, Osaka which was my favourite store during the trip, I found a small but select Zentangle corner there:

Zentangle supplies
I have no idea what the colourful kendama is doing there in the middle if the Zentangle supplies!

Zentangle books close-up
And a close-up of the books – I assume you are familiar with the original versions of these books? Isn’t it amazing how different they look?

I was really thrilled to find Zentangle in Japan! I was even tempted to buy a book but instead bought some more light-weighted art-supplies. I was hoping that I might go back to Japan again soon and I though that by then I’d have a larger selection to choose from – of course the weight of my luggage at this point in time was NO reason at all for my decision… 😉

What about you? Have you already found Zentangle books or supplies in your vacation abroad? If so, I’d love to read about it!

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