Diva Challenge #281: It’s gett-ING addictive

Although it’s gotten a bit quiet here again, I’ve been quite productive when it comes to tangl-ING since I last posted here. I have no idea why, it just keeps on pour-ING out of me and is such fun since I’m gett-ING closer to the look I’d love to get to. Which is great! I still have a lot to learn, but right now it’s such fun to just tangle and tangle and tangle. Although I’m a bit worried when it comes to shading: Who is go-ING to shade all those pieces and when?? Shading is fine, but drawing is just so much more fun for me (right now and in general) that I skip that part for most artwork and simply start another piece.. Shame on me! 😉

I guess that by now you’re wonder-ING why I’m writ-ING in such a strange way? Well, when I read that the tangle ING is this week’s Diva Challenge Laura Harms had prepared for the tangl-ING world, I just knew I had to play. I really like ING although I hardly use it in my work – I wonder why? Maybe from now on it’ll show up more often because once I started tangl-ING, I just couldn’t stop! ING is such an addictive and really cool tangle that offers so much space for variations. If you haven’t already tried it, please do! This tangle really deserves to be tangled more often.
Here are my contributions for this week’s challenge:

I actually wanted to make a monotangle with ING and different fill-INGs (here: Tripoli, something I invented as a fill-ING, Paradox, DL Sunray, Munchin and Hypnotic), but it felt a bit empty… Then Zedbra crept in, then Printemps and Tipple – then I could finally stop. I noticed I have a tendency to clutter my work and don’t know when to stop… ^^;

This is a good example of me clutter-ING… I tried to overlap, but to me it looks only cluttered, too full of to much detail and the effect I wanted to get, which is that ING is sucked towards the center, is not eally visible. In the actual tile it looks even more like that than here. Maybe that’s because it is a scan? I don’t know but I hope that Eni Oken’s new ebook on Overlapp-ING will help me to improve here!
Tangles used: ING, Printemps, Flux, Tipple, Cubine, Paradox, DL Sunray, and some fragments I invented.

Here I tried the exact different th-ING than with the last tile, ING was supposed grow from one spot in a star-like shape. I think I like this tile best, it’s not cluttered and has some interst-ING contrasts and fill-INGs – especially like that triangle-fill-ING in the lower left! Only now I noticed taht I forgot to shade Printemps. 😀 I’ll leave it like that, it’s not too bad like that. On this tile I used ING, Knightsbridge, Printemps, River, Zedbra, Paradox, DL Sunray and Tripoli.

If you liked my contributions I’d like to hear about that! And please do check out all the other great contributions tanglers from all the world have linked for the Diva Challenge!

Have a great week!

12 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #281: It’s gett-ING addictive

  1. Ich mache es jetzt einmal ausnahmsweise auf deutsch, benutze sonst immer den Google-Übersetzer:
    Alle sind sehr sehr schön, aber das Dritte … so ist eben das menschliche Herz!
    Das wunderschöne Wellenband, der starke Kontrast zu dem Karo-Muster und dann als Höhepunkt dieses einzigartige Ing-Muster in Richtung linke untere Ecke.
    Das mit dem Zuviel oder Weniger-Wäre-Mehr-Gewesen … ist das nicht ein lebenslanges Problem? Ich finde das Schöne beim Zentangel, dass man sich auch auch ständig darin üben muss, nicht mit Strenge sondern liebevoll und großzügig auch vorallem mit den eigenen Werken umzugehen.

    1. Vielen Dank für den ausführlichen Kommentar, Ulrike! 🙂 Das Zu-viel-zu-wenig-Problem ist natürlich ein lebenslanges, in vielen Ebenen bekanntes Problem. Ich will auch gar nicht immer so viel “meckern”, ich mag alles, was ich hochlade, sonst wäre es nicht online. Franzi kennt mich und mein “Meckern” schon, daher habe ich mir das “Don’t be stupid” eingehandelt. 😉 Perfekt wird man nie – das ist auch nicht mein Ziel, denn dann wäre alles langweilig – aber ich notiere mir auch “negative” Gedanken immer gern. Dann kann man es in einer ähnlichen Situation anders machen und erkennen, dass es wie zuerst ja dann doch besser war! Also… vielleicht. ;-D

  2. You are an ING addict in the best way, beautiful work. Love your tangle combinations and fabulous variations / tangleations. I really enjoy how you’ve combined structured and organic, they play well together. NOT CLUTTERED at all!

    1. Ok, you’re right: Maybe I dramatised a LITTLE bit because the result didn’t match what I thought it would look like. Thank you very much for your kind words! I’ll try to be less of a critic in the future. 🙂

  3. I really like all 3!! You say clutter but I think that means there is much to look at and different ways to see things. Very cool tiles.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’m always amazed at how different your work looks when it’s been digitalized and how it looks like when you look at it again a few hours or days later.

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