Time’s moving fast…

It’s unbelievable how fast time’s moving these days! I want to thank everybody who left a comment for the last post and I’m sorry I’m so very late to thank you. Lots of small things distracted me from coming back to you earlier (and doing other blog-related stuff I’ alluded to in the past) and it’s not only been the move, which will take place a little later than we had hoped at first. However, it still looks like we’re moving before next year begins and we do keep our fingers crossed that there’ll be no more changes. It already worked for the new kitchen! It was supposed to be delivered in January next year, but last week we got a note that it’ll be in the nick of time before Christmas! But I’m bothering you all with boring stuff, sorry. 😉

Again my monthly post comes at the last of the month. I guess I just need that deadline… But better have a post late than never! Here’s the latest tile, no challenge, just tangling:

Tangles used: Barberpole, CO2, Fassett, Pepper, Printemps, Verdigogh

I really like the Printemps-“snails” with the Verdigogh-“tentacles”! And I cant’t help it but this one hast a winter feeling… even though it’s not even winter yet! Or maybe it is because it’s been getting much cold as of late? I don’t know but I hope you’re warm and comfy and have an enjoyable time tangling whereever you are!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and see you next month, too!


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