It’s a String Thing #249 – One for the Diva

First time to enter Adele Bruno’s It’s a String Thing challenge! I’ve never managed to squeeze the tile in, but this time it worked. When I read that this challenge is (kinda) one for the Diva, Laura Harms, I immediately sat down and finished the tile in one go. Laura and Adele both are a huge inspiration by giving out (almost) weekly challenges which are a lot of fun. It’s a great commitment that takes a lot of time so it’s a real blessing to have them both!

Abeko was new to me (I had seen it many times but never used it), but Diva Dance, of course, is one of my go-to tangles.

Tangles used: Abeko, Diva Dance

Challenge #249 runs until Saturday evening, so if you want to enter, you still can! >>Here’s the link<< to Adele’s blog post with the challenge.

If you’re going to enter: Have fun!

Oh, and while we’re at it: This weekend will be LOTS of fun since I’ll be going to a big Zentangle meetup here in Germany! And I’m really looking forward to meeting Christina from again. 🙂 So I guess there’ll be a lot to post about next week and lots of new artwork – quite likely including the beginning of my endless Zentangle project.

Hope to see you next week then!