Zentangle Meeting Germany 2017 in Magdeburg

WARNING: LOT’S OF PICTURES AHEAD! Smartphone user might want to consider their remaining data volume. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you! 😉

A little later than I hoped to post here’s the promised report about the special event I mentioned in my last blogpost. As I hinted then, this weekend was destined to be full of Zentangle. Martina, a kind and very generous soul from Magdeburg, had organized a Zentangle meeting in her beautiful hometown, Magdeburg, including accommodation in varying price categories. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend since it had be announced first in January and finally on Friday the day had come to go to Magdeburg! Continue reading “Zentangle Meeting Germany 2017 in Magdeburg”

Zentangle-Meeting in Berlin

As you may know by now, I’m an ATC addict and a regular on the German ATC site kakao-karten.de. When I became an active member there, I came to love the regular meetings where people from the same city (sometimes plus a few artists coming from near and far) would gather, draw together, get to know the face behind the nickname and of course EAT (eating is a very important part in every KaKAO (=German abbreviation of ATC) meeting). I was always a little sad that there were no such meetings among tanglers, only (paid) courses with CZTs. Well, the biggest problem probably is that there is no place like forums etc. to meet digitally and organise such events. That’s why I was really happy to read the invitation for a Zentangle meeting organized by Berlin’s CZT Sabrina Stein and registered a friend (and tangler) and myself immediately for this event, which took place last Sunday.

We had lots of fun talking to and tangling with all the artists who came along – some as far as Würzburg (which, if you’re not familiar with German cities, is in the very south of Germany, while Berlin is in the north-east). Sabrina and her familiy and friends had prepared lots of food and drinks as well as a few surprises: a really big “tile” for everyone to tangle on and a brand-new official tangle called Molygon, which everyone was encouraged to try out. At first I wasn’t really impressed, but then I tried it and… oh my gosh, it’s great! Here is my very first try of Molygon on an Apprentice tile:


My friend tried it out, too, and included some colour and extra patterns (my “bananas” were too small for that):

2016_0110_Neujahrsempfang_von Franzi

Molygon is so much fun and I’ll definitely try out some more stuff with this tangle and post it here as soon (or a little after) the tangle was officially presented.

I had so much fun tangling that I forgot to take pictures until half the people had already gone home… sorry! Here are a few:

Our unfinished work

Some of the courses that our host offers

You can find more pictures in Sabrina’s blog post.

When we left, Sabrina even had a little gift for everyone: A little paperbag with some candy and one of each of the official tiles (minus the Apprentice tile) there is: a “classic” white tiles in 3,5″, a black tile of the same size, a Bijou tile, a 3,5″ Renaissance tile and a Zendala tile. Althoug I love all the tiles, the Renaissance tile was the highlight for me because I never had one to tangle before. I’m really looking forward to it!

I want to say thank you, Sabrina as well as your family and friends who made this meeting possible, it was a lovely afternoon! Just like everybody says you can’t do a CZT certification course online and online courses aren’t as good as offline courses, Facebook, blogs and the like are just not the same as gathering physically in one place to talk an’ tangle.