Inktober – Day #8

Start of the second week of Inktober! And a late upload again.. but better late than never! First week of Inktober was a lot of fun – not only tangling my own bijou-sized tiles, but also enjoying all those wonderful drawings everyone else has made for the challenge. I retweetet a few for you to enjoy (Zentangle, Zentangle-inspired and more). You can look up my favourites from all those pictures I saw on Twitter under my Account @tangleoflines. It’s only a very small number compared to all the drawings that people link via Twitter, the sheer number of tweets with #inktober is absolutely amazing!

Here is my drawing for Inktober 8th:


Tangles used: CO2 (it looks good just everywhere! XD), Cat-Kin, Diva Dance, Keenees (dress)

Like this on a lot! Finally a chance to use one of my favourite tangles, Diva Dance.  It find of looks like she has flowers in her hair, don’t you think? And Keenees just looks SO different since the circles seem to vanish into nothing and the bright parts seem to make up a whole different pattern.

I really love this challenge, but I wish my busy private life would leave me a little more free time to continue my “One Zentangle a Day”-project, too.. I’m sorry that I have nothing else for you at this moment than Inktober, but promise I haven’t forgotten about the other project or all the other interesting stuff I have in mind for this blog! I already pretty much finished the tile for the third day last weekend, but “have” to draw a new one. Why? Well, you’ll see and understand when I show you… 😉 I hope that I have time to tangle the second tile this weekend.

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