Diva Challenge #249: Duotangle Diva Dance and (L)Auraknot

Although the number is nothing special, his week’s Diva Challenge was a special one since it marked the beginning of the fifth year of the Diva Challenges. Imagine that: 5 years of challenges, 249 (and some) weeks running! Laura Harms, the Diva herself and the Diva Challenge founder, definitely has my highest respects for coming up with all those challenges week after week. Congratulations, Laura, and thank you so much for all the heart, thoughts and work you put into your weekly posts and challenges!

This week’s challenge was SO tempting : a Duotangle with two of my most favourite tangles: Diva Dance (I especially love the Rock’n’Roll-variation) and Auraknot which the Zentangle founders renamed Lauraknot for this week to celebrate the occasion. The two tangles look great together and I might be doing more with them. But for now, here’s my tile:

Tangles used: Diva Dance (Rock’n’Roll-variation) and (L)Auraknot

I loved this week’s challenge and I love the results of all the other tanglers who have contributed to it so far. Gotta go and comment on a few of them. 🙂

See you soon!

8 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #249: Duotangle Diva Dance and (L)Auraknot

  1. Oh WOW! I’m loving this expression of the challenge! There is so much going on here with all the ‘lose ends’, but it’s so flowy and free…great job!

  2. A great response to the challenge. I love the way your Diva Dance sort of unravels into spaghetti like ribbons,

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