Diva Challenge #250: Bring it Back to Old School

First of all I want to THANK everybody who came here last week and even more those of you who took the time to push the like-button or even leave a comment. I never got so many reactions on one of my posts before and I was – and still am – really happy, thanks to all of you! You are part of the reason why I’m getting addicted to these challenges so much.

And now I want to say: CONGRATULATIONS to you, Laura, for setting the 250th (!!!) challenge! What an amazing number!

Now off to this week’s challenge. One of the things I had in mind for this year was trying some new things in Zentangle. I love the traditional black-and-white tiles and have done quite a few in the last few months, but I love colours, too, and I’d like to use more in my Zentangle works: watercolours, coloured pencils, watercolour markers and the like – as an avid ATC artist, I have them all in front of me. Zengems are THE craze of the moment among tanglers and Margaret Bremner’s wonderful ATCs got me hooked now, too. Recently, I took an interest in Zendala and bought my first book on that. And now comes the Diva Challenge #250: Bringing it back old school: white 3.5″ tiles, pencil, black Micron, tortillon. Full stop.

I was actually laughing when I read this week’s challenge – I mean, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing in the last few months (a very few exceptions included) and quite the opposite of what my plans for 2016 are. But if my other big hobby, the game of Go, has taught me anything, then it is “You should never laugh at the basics since they are the foundation for anything you want to and (especially >_<) can accomplish”. Now, we tanglers are not that ambitious as (most) Go players (at least I’m trying to be less ambitious and more relaxed with Zentangle than with Go O:-) ), but the basics still are the most important thing, too. Without the basics, would I be tangling? Would YOU be tangling?

That’s why I love this week’s challenge, it takes us back to our beginnings. This, by the way, is one of my first tiles ever dating back to 2013 (I mostly did Zentangle-inspired art then and the tiles I tangled back then were just not to my liking AT ALL):

Tangles used: Ahh, Cadent, Palrevo, Paradox, Pop-Cloud, Raindotty

Since then much has happened, especially after spending quite some time to get the basics right. Although I must admit that I struggled a BIT with the challenge and the first tile I did wasn’t REAL ZENtangling, I was still thinking too much. That’s why I did a second tile*:

Tangles used: Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Jonqual, Printemps, River, Tipple

I’m looking forward to seeing many gorgeous tiles this week, I’ve already seen quite a few! Please keep me busy (looking at your works), it’s another frightening 5,5 days until the next challenge! 😉

*I like the first tile, but I’ll only post the second one for now because it suits the challenge best. I’ll put the first tile in a summary I’m planning.

7 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #250: Bring it Back to Old School

  1. I really like that column of Jonqual in the middle of the last tile – I’ve only ever used it in an angular setting, so I’m full of admiration for the way you have used it.

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